Below are answers to some important questions you may have holders iPads

What to do to gain access to the AppStore?
To download the “Dialog-Pheniben ” and be able to read the next issue , first you have to become an owner of an iPad , and secondly you need to create a user account ( ie the Apple ID ) in the AppStore . Account can be created using iTunes with both iPad and such a standard PC .

Is the content of tablet issue “Dialog-Pheniben ” something different from content issues “paper “?
Yes. Each release tablets – contains material enriched with interactive elements and multimedia .

Does the application “Dialog-Pheniben” is paid?
No, the app is free, but every single release of “Dialog-Pheniben” costs EUR 3.64, and the annual subscription – 10.99 EUR.

How many “weighing” application “Dialog-Pheniben”, and how much each release?
The “weigh” several megabytes (MB). Each quarterly issue can, however, “weigh” from 300 to 500 MB. Information about the size issue appears when downloading a release .

Does the application “Dialog-Pheniben” is also available as iPhone and iPod?
No, the application was developed and designed only for iPad.

Installing the application

How do I download the “Dialog-Pheniben” from the App Store?
In the App Store , locate the app “Dialog Pheniben Eng” . When you tap the Download button you will be asked to enter the password for your user account (Apple ID). After verification of the password on the screen of your iPad will appear “Dialog-Pheniben” and begin downloading the application. When loading bar disappears , you can “tap” icon and launch the application.

Why AppStore requires a password, if the application is free?
For safety reasons, downloaded applications are assigned to a specific user , hence the trouble of giving Apple ID .

How to download the latest tablet edition of “Dialog-Pheniben”?
When you run the application on the screen will show thumbnails of covers available editions , along with a message about their availability or their price.


Is the reading of the quarterly “Dialog-Pheniben” on the iPad you need an Internet connection?
Internet access is required only when you download the application and subsequent releases of the App Store. While reading do not need an Internet connection, excluding the content that is linked to Internet from the page.

Where are the specific release tablets “Dialog-Pheniben”?
Downloaded issue appear in the “Kiosque”. In the “Kiosque” you can collect any number of issues , as long as the aggregate amount does not exceed the available space in the memory of the iPad.

How can I delete one of the editions of “Dialog-Pheniben”?
Just press the “Archive” next to the number.

Is it possible to cancel the release, and then download it again?
Release tablets can be deleted fromo download it againat no additional cost by pressing the ” Download” button. The condition is to use the same user account (Apple ID ) , which release has been obtained for the first time .

What to do when there is a problem with the operation of the application?
If you experience problems with the rules is sometimes helpful restart the application. To do this, click twice quickly iPad home button and in response you will see all running applications before . Hold down the “Dialog-Pheniben” and after a while, tap the red circle in the upper left corner of the icon to close the running application . Restart will not erase your iPad applications , and only turn off the application active in the background . Click the home button again to return to the main screen of your iPad and then re-run the application.

Where can I report problems with the operation of applications or downloading issues?
Problems should be reported by e-mail at the address

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